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Plumbing - Plumbing Questions
1.70 What does it mean when a house needs new plumbing?

Q. A realtor told this to my fiance on a house. Rather than going ahead and paying an inspector, what does this mean? What does "new plumbing" entail?

A. Well it depends on WHAT he told her....if he said new plumbing then he probably means new water AND drain lines......that would be a repipe of both systems.....but if he said new kitchen lines or bathroom lines then he meant just that......find out EXACTLY what her told her....NOW after saying that i would STILL get the inspector bacause he doesnt just check plumbing...he looks at the WHOLE house.....the framing and i would definitely get the inspector that way u will know everything thats needs fixing and not just the plumbing

1.30 How do you add plumbing without cutting into the slab?

Q. I once saw in a magazine that you can add plumbing without cutting into the slab. Yet I have not been able to find anything else on it. It was in a contractors magazine. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

A. They make rear discharge toilets that would allow the drain to be run thru a wall to the main. Don't know but they may make a set-in-place toilet and pump unit that would provide an above-the-slab forced main to the main. Check with a quality plumbing supply house. The next answer mentions a sewer sump pump but that is a big job [think a 3' dia. hole about 3' below the slab for the sump] and would involve cutting some concrete. but it would allow you to locally set fixtures and pump up to the sewer main, so it wouldn't mean cutting a long line.

1.20 How do I do decorative exposed plumbing?

Q. I'd like to add decorative exposed copper plumbing to my bathroom (for a funky industrial feel) but I have no resources to reference! Does anyone know where I can find some? Thanks!

A. I've seen the look you're after and it's pretty flash here a couple of sites, although one is in black and white you'll get the idea of what is possible using exposed copper plumbing. This other site has a few of the fittings you'll need to get it down. I tried answering your mail but it came back? anyway it's right now. Edit: Now this one isn't working, you're going to have to copy and paste the URL to get there, I have no idea whats happening here.

1.20 When a big city installs a plumbing system are there many models?

Q. Do they say "We have 25 plumbing systems for sale?" In Milwaukee Metro there are about 2 million people. Heavy rainfall, nearly torrential, can happen and produce twelve inches of water in less than 60 hours. Do the public vote on what kind of plumbing system we have? In the massive urban sprawl of Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Ozaukee counties you are "only safe if you're on a hill" during flash floods. I would be willing to pay extra taxes to afford the best plumbing system.

A. There wouldn't be a specific model they can just install in a city, instead they would hire a contractor who would engineer and draft up plans tailored to the needs of the city. Price would be determined by the thoroughness and quality of the materials used.

1.20 What is the simple way to get plumbing permit on my garage?

Q. I added 3 plumbing fixtures to my garage without permit but didn't finish yet. I need to sell my house so I would like to stop working on plumbing and get the inspection. Can I just cap the pipes? Or do I need to remove pipes from the garage? Or Do I have to remove all pipes from the basement I installed?

A. Just apply for it & will get

1.20 I have a Plumbing Company, its there any where i can get a list of contractors In Minnesota who needs Plumbing

Q. Is there a website of local contractors in Minnesota. I have my plumbing company and i need more work! so i want to send letters or emails out to contractors so i can help with their plumbing. Please help! thank you so much!

A. .

1.20 Is it possible to open your own one man plumbing company?

Q. My father in law in the union for plumbers and has to work two more years before he can retire but because the union has jobs that only last for a few months at a time it wouldn't benefit him because it has to be a consistent two years of work. So, what i want to know is, is it possible for him to open his own union plumbing business. not a shop where you buy plumbing parts, etc. but he would be the plumber himself, with out breaking any union rules and where he could retire in two years with his union benefits?

A. Sure,just don't get flushed with excitement !

1.20 Unpaid balance?

Q. My father has requested me to repair two rental properties of his that were extensivly damaged inside & out. He has paid for 95% of Materials which is all good, However since i have completed the jobs one has been rented the other awaits to be occupied. he has paid me $1,100.00 for both rentals and there was never a set price. I was thinking another $1,000.00 would be a respectful amount for all the repairs, such as removing all left behind debri's, 100% Interior Painting, Sub Floor Patch work, Drywall, Plumbing fixture installation (Toilet), Vanitys, Vinyl Bath Floor covering(1), Water Heater installation(1), Electrical Fixture Installation (Several) and various Maintenance & other repairs. I asked him for a few hundred dollars & he said all the work is done and that he has allready paid me up to date. I am really upset with this and in my eyes another $1,000.00 is not unreasonable to say the least. what should i say or do, he is my father but..............???????

A. Even from relatives, get things in writing. Now learn by your mistake and don't let this happen again.

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